Cod Chowder

Probably months ago I found a pound of cod pieces. After making the obligatory codpiece joke I put them in my freezer until I had enough milk or cream to make chowder, something I’d do occasionally when I used to pay for the same bags of fish chunks. This is one of those things I’d expect to be disgusted by if I didn’t know any better; it’s boiled fish in milk and cream. But it’s good; the cream is sweet and fatty and the flavors go well together. I had a lot of frozen milk and some heavy cream that had started to separate, but is still sweet, making it fine to eat but unsuitable to make into whipped cream. I thought it would work well in soup.

I also wanted to clean out my freezer, since I have a tendency to forget about food once it’s in there, and to hoard the higher-quality items for later when possible. Because of that a lot of meat and fish piles up in there. I’ve been trying to only take home food I really want, because there’s always enough.

The first step is to saute 2 chopped strips of bacon, a small diced onion and 3 small (about 1 medium) peeled, diced potatoes in a little oil for about 10 minutes. Then I add a cup of water and a vegetable bouillon cube*, salt* and pepper to taste, about a teaspoon of Old Bay**, and a pound of cod, and let it boil, covered, until the fish and potatoes are fully cooked, about another 10 minutes. Then I add 3/4 cup each of milk and heavy cream and heat on low until it almost boils.

Garnished with parsley***, pepper and Old Bay. I forgot that I had some oyster crackers, too, which would have been good with this.


**no idea where this came from

***grown in my window

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