Turkey Enchiladas

This week I found a bottle of enchilada sauce and spent a while trying to figure out what to do with it. Then I thought, why not just make enchiladas? I wasn’t totally clear on what an enchilada was except for something my ex-boyfriend in Florida had at Taco Bell once: a burrito, but in a sauce? However, since I was the only person who was going to be eating them, it didn’t really matter if they were made correctly so much as whether I liked the result. Remember that this blog isn’t about authenticity, it’s about eating literal trash and working with whatever I have. There was a recipe on the back of the bottle, but it called for a lot of prep work just to throw the result in the microwave. So I combined a few recipes I found online.

I had a pound of ground turkey in the freezer (while it was thawing, I shelled a bunch of peas that I thought were sugar snaps two weeks ago, but were actually regular peas, to freeze them) from months ago. I don’t really like turkey that much, so I looked up methods to make it taste more like beef. I figured a little Worcestershire sauce would help, and the first search result I found said to add that and some ground cumin* and coriander**, and mix it into the ground meat before cooking. That seemed appropriate, so I did that and also added a little paprika* for color. I diced and sauteed an onion* and some mini sweet peppers and then added the turkey.

I blended a little leftover pico de gallo and a few soaked dried peppers of unknown type into the sauce to give it a little more depth. The instructions said to very briefly fry the tortillas in oil*** and then dip them into a pot of heated sauce (5 seconds in each) before filling and rolling them. I didn’t understand the purpose of this, or really know how to roll them properly, but I did it. I added a mixture of Mexican shredded cheese blend and chopped cheddar sticks and fit the enchiladas into a glass loaf pan, which turned out to be a bit too small, so I made two layers.

Once they were all rolled (I used 10 corn tortillas) I poured the rest of the sauce into the baking dish, covered the pan in aluminum foil, and baked it for 30 minutes.

Does the turkey taste like beef? Yeah, maybe, kind of. It’s really all about the sauce, and pretty good either way.


**I grew cilantro in my garden a few years ago, and saved all the seeds and put them in an old salt grinder.

***mostly leftover oil from when I made tortilla chips, which was store-bought

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