Pepperoni Pizza

Since I had found a full package of pepperoni as well as a log of sliced mozzarella at the same time, the obvious conclusion was to make pizza. Since I have more than enough of the basic ingredients to make a crust, the only missing ingredient was the sauce. I roughly followed this recipe by
Frank Sweterlitsch from Allrecipes
, using part of a container of tomato paste* I had in my freezer for months.

While my bread machine worked on the dough, I combined tomato paste with water, olive oil, minced garlic* and fresh basil**, salt, pepper, rosemary** and oregano*. I set the oven to 450°F when the dough was almost ready.

When the dough was ready, I shaped it on a baking pan and topped it with about half the sauce (and froze the rest) the whole log of cheese (probably too much) and about half the pepperoni, and baked it for about 15 minutes.

*store-bought ingredients

**from plants I grew

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