Sunflower Seed and Gouda Risotto

I have a lot of nuts and seeds. Specifically, I have two pounds of sunflower seeds. They make good snacks, and I use nuts and seeds often to make pie crusts and pesto, but I went looking for recipes that use a lot of sunflower seeds. I remembered an episode of “Parts Unknown” where Anthony Bourdain ate a sunflower seed risotto at Nashville restaurant “The Catbird Seat.” My seeds are roasted and salted rather than raw and unsalted as they should be, so I soaked and rinsed a pound of them before cooking to remove the salt.

Once the seeds were soaked, I boiled them for forty minutes with some beef bouillon*, celery leaves and a bay leaf**.

While this was cooking I chopped some onion and celery and added some broccoli slaw mix.

This was sauteed in sage butter that I made a few months ago by mixing fresh minced sage with softened butter.

I also added some chopped turkey bacon and garlic*. Once this was browned I added a little apple juice and liquid from the pot.

While that was cooking, I grated a chunk of red wax Gouda.

After the seeds were cooked, I removed a cup of the broth and blended it with a cup of the seeds. I strained the liquid from the rest.

The strained seeds, vegetables and blended seeds went back into the pot on low heat. I added some Himalayan pink salt, and pepper*.

Then I stirred in the cheese.

The result is not beautiful, but it does taste good. I think the recipe could use some work but the basic concept is pretty solid. Probably would have been better with some pumpkin or butternut squash, maybe some turmeric for color.


**given to me by my boss, who grows bay

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